Pollen Shakers

Very easy to use!

 Just place your plant matter into the top, up-to 4 grams, close with the lid, then shake or tap into the recipient. 

Perfect to get the different grades and quality of your product. 

Remove unwanted material such as dust & hairs or plant matter.

We propose three sizes of filtering.

180µm, 140µm & 80µm

Made from robust pvc and 100% polyethylene monofilament high tension mesh.

No need to use chemicals or wet extraction systems like bubble bags & ice-o-laters.

If you use our Pollen Extractor, this is the ideal compliment to filter and separate your pollen.

All our products are delivered in discreet packaging.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

PollenExtractor i.jpg

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